She loves, she loves seeing it on others and she loves seeing how they wear it. Jacquie Daly's life revolves around fashion, and she wouldn't have it any other way!

As the fashion designer behind Jacquie D Designs, stocked exclusively online and at Jades Benowa, Jacquie has been in the industry for 11 years. She has driven from Melbourne to Cairns and ventured over to New Zealand, knocking on doors and selling her range. 

Her first brand, Jades Boutique was a huge success, growing from one store to three. She is now back down to one at Benowa Gardens as her focus is on manufacturing, wholesaling and of course online retailing, which keeps her busy and out of trouble!

Loving every minute of her fashion journey. Jacquie has build long relationships with retailers. She knows what sells and what doesn't and describes herself as honest as the day is long. 

Through her new label Jacquie D Designs, Jacquie offers everything from casual day wear to glamorous evening wear. She can dress you to go to everything from a casual BBQ to evening event. She is inspired by the horse racing industry as well and delights in attending the races herself for some fabulous fashion inspiration.

A lover of the colour fuchsia pink, which is definitely prominent throughout her ranges, Jacquie tries to wear it every day as she feels great when in pink. Her fashion advice is to be confident and comfortable in what you wear, because if you feel good then it does not matter what anyone else thinks. 

Wear Colour - It can brighten your day!